• Karla Trout

    Karla Trout holding the LSLC logo

    Executive Director/District Administrator

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  • Casey Trone

    Pictire of Casey in front of Graph

    Financial Coordinator

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  • Julie Zimmerman

    Picture of Julie Zimmerman

    Human Resources

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  • Becky Harnish

    Becky Harnish holding calculator

    Financial Assistant

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Cataloging & Aquisitions

  • Brenda Emerich

    Brenda reading a book in front of a bookshelf

    CAS manager

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  • Dawn Peterson

    Dawn holding dog with a Dewey decimal number on it

    Acquisitions Manager

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  • Grisely Crossland

    Grisely Crossland pushing books into a computer

    Library Assistant, Acquisitions & Cataloging

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  • Jenna Miller

    profile silhouette

    Library Assistant

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District Services

  • Ed Miller

    Ed Miller with a puppet of himself and holding the bookmobile

    District Services Manager/District Consultant

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  • Ryn Jackson

    profile silhouette

    Materials Sorter

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Information Technology Services

  • Mark Sandblade

    Mark in front of Binary code

    Information Technology Manager

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  • Matt Salimbeni

    Matt Salimbeni Leaning against a computer

    Systems Administrator

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  • Richard Carlos

    Richard Carlos talking into a headset with a speech bubble and a smiley face

    System Specialist

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  • Ryan Peifer

    Junior Systems Administrator/ Facilities Coordinator

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Special Services

  • Kaitlin Abrahams

    Katlin balancing books on her head

    ILL/Bookmobile Assistant

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  • Meredith Hendrix

    Meredith Hendrix using a record

    Interim Bookmobile Coordinator

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Youth Services

  • Jill Wagner

    profile silhouette

    Youth Services Coordinator

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