Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge

CHI St. Joseph Children's Health Brush /twice-a-Day ChallengeWhat is the Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge?

The challenge is a 10-week initiative for Tots to Tweens and their caregivers beginning Monday, September 9, and lasts until Monday, December 9, 2019. Participation is completely voluntary. There’s no cost… and it’s free.

Why support the Brush Challenge? (AKA why are we doing this?)

Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge


Tooth decay is the most common childhood illness according to the CDC, but is easily prevented with daily brushing. Brushing removes the germs that cause bad breath and decay. Research on habit formation suggests it takes most people about 10 weeks to form new habits. This initiative is 10 weeks long so kids have the best chance to form a healthy habit that sticks. The most effective dental care is the preventive kind.

Children receive a Health Hero Starter Pack from the Library, and use one card per week to help remind them to brush their teeth, once in the morning and once at night. Children return cards to the Hank mailbox at the Library.

The Brush Challenge in 5 Easy Steps  

  1. Get a Health Hero Starter Pack.
  2. Brush teeth twice a day.
  3. Scratch card each time you brush.
  4. Return cards to Hank’s mailbox.
  5. Receive prizes directly to your home!*

*Make sure to include your mailing address on the cards!


Hank the Health Hero Graphic


CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health is a Lancaster-based, non-profit improving the health of children and families within the Lancaster Community.  For 10 years CHI ran a program called Brush.Brush.Smile!®

CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health supports the Library System’s mission in showing the public at large that Public Libraries have a greater purpose in the community, supporting the health and well-being of Lancaster residents with our successful collaboration.