Celebrating 75 Years of Bookmobile!


Libraries are often called “the great equalizers” because they ensure that everyone has free and equal access to the riches they hold.

Whether it’s an elderly woman in a nursing home, a disadvantaged preschooler in Head Start, or an Amish schoolboy, the Bookmobile brings these riches to Lancaster County residents who don’t have access to a traditional public library.

As we celebrate 75 years of the Bookmobile, please help to ensure the continuation and expansion of Bookmobile services.

Our NEW Bookmobile will have:

  • Better fuel efficiency and less impact on the environment.
  • “Roll out” capacity that will allow us to set up our book carts in places like lobbies and community gathering spaces. This will allow better service to those with mobility issues and improve service during bad weather.
  • Stronger reliability and less downtime and maintenance cost than our current 16-year-old Bookmobile.

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Contributions can be made using Paypal (click the button below)….

Or by mailing a check made out to Library System of Lancaster County:

LSLC Bookmobile Campaign

1866 Colonial Village Ln, Suite 107
Lancaster PA 17601


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