Jesse The Reptile Guy: Crocodile Chronicle


Jesse Rothacker from Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary presents “Crocodile Chronicles” online!

Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friends
Jesse Rothacker lives with 100 live reptiles and 3 humans, so every day is a new story! Whether he’s blaming a gila monster for ruining the coffee, or forgetting to tell his wife about the alligator in the bathtub, you never know what mess he’ll get into next! Come meet some of the cold-blooded critters that are Jesse’s housemates, and hear some of Jesse’s real life stories from his three decades of reptile rescue. We’ll also highlight some fictional reptile stories, and inspire the audience to create reptile stories of their own.


Jesse is the founder and president of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit reptile rescue and education organiztion. Each year Forgotten Friend finds homes for unwanted pet reptiles and provides environmental education programs for thousands of families.

Jesse Rothacker “Crocodile Chronicles” Schedule

See program dates below. Please contact your local library to find out how to register, dates are subject to change.

6/30/20202:00pmMoores Memorial Library, Christiana
6/30/20206:30pmEphrata Public Library
7/1/202010:00amManheim Community Library
7/1/20201:30pmLancaster Public Library Mountville Branch
7/2/202011:15amPequea Valley Public Library
7/2/20201:00pmLancaster Public Library
7/8/202010:30amManheim Township Public Library
7/13/202010:00amColumbia Public Library
7/15/202010:30amEastern Lancaster County Library, New Holland
7/15/20201:30pmQuarryville Library
7/16/202010:30amStrasburg-Heisler Library
7/20/202010:00amPequea Valley Public Library
7/20/20206:30pm Adamstown Area Library
7/23/202010:30amMilanof-Schock Library, Mount Joy
7/23/20202:00pmElizabethtown Public Library
7/27/20201:00pmLititz Public Library



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