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The Summer Fitness Quest ended on August 14, 2021. Please continue to get outside and enjoy Lancaster County Parks until next summer! 

This initiative is a Get Outside physical activity program to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle of youth and family members; specifically to extend learning and instill young children with an appreciation for the outdoors. The program supports free opportunities for children and adults to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of Lancaster County parks, trails, and nature preserves.

Join the online program! We encourage you to visit at least 5 places in Lancaster County. We have some suggested places where you can visit throughout the central, southern, eastern, northern and western regions of the county. Or you can visit local hometown parks or your favorite outdoor place.  When you have visited 5 places, and you tell us where you visited, you will earn a badge. The badge entitles you to receive a Summer Fitness Quest (SFQ) Medal as your prize! If you visit a total of at least 10 outdoor locations, and you tell us where you went, your name will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win a Giant Food Stores Gift Card! Complete the reading and activities anytime from June 5 to August 14  to earn the badges, SFQ Medal, and chance to be entered into the drawing. When you’re visiting locations throughout this summer, you can complete the refreshing move badges just for fun!

Download 1 or all 5 of the Lancaster County regions to visit.

Each features STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities, a “Did You Know” fun fact, areas for a youth participant to draw or write about their outdoor experience.

Download the address and directions for the listed parks, trails, and preserves.

Stretching Moves:

Our partner, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health has suggested “stretching moves” that you are encouraged to try and do. The stretching moves encourage strength and balance in our physical and mental health.


Our partner nutritionist from Giant Food Stores, offers tips and snack ideas to conquer your fitness quest! When exploring Lancaster County, it’s important to choose food and beverage options that fuel your body and performance all summer long. Fruits and vegetables are an easy portable option that provide the vitamins, minerals, and hydration needed to keep you full, focused and fueled.

Click here to register for a FREE Giant virtual nutritionist class.
We have Mini-Chef Mondays, Junior Chef Creations and several other topics to choose from!

Prize Disclaimer:

Delivery and/or exchange of any prizes earned are subject to change. Participants who earn a Medal badge prize will receive congratulatory email with link to this page which will have information on when medals will be awarded. Participants who win a Giant Gift Card will receive congratulatory email with link to this page which will have information on how to receive the gift card.

Program Disclaimer:

The producers and sponsors of the maps and text in the Summer Fitness Quest downloadable Lancaster County regions have made every effort to present accurate, up-to-date information. However, trail, park, and/or nature preserve conditions may vary because of weather, property ownership, management and maintenance practices, or other factors. The producers and sponsors of the Summer Fitness Quest program and any and all related content are in no way responsible for personal injury, damage to property, or violation of law in connection with the use of the booklet or a person’s activity in the program. Remember to only use open and designated trails, parks, and/or nature preserves. When in doubt, seek and ask permission.

How do I sign up for the Summer fitness quest?

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Recommended Reading:

Partners in the program include Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, Giant Food Stores and the Lancaster County Conservation District.

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