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Summer Fitness Quest for this year is now over.  Thank you to all youth from ages 5-9 who participated!   Look for this exciting fitness program next summer!


What is the Summer Fitness Quest?

This new initiative is a Get Outside physical activity program to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle of youth and family members; specifically to extend learning and instill young children (ages 5-9) with an appreciation for the outdoors. The program supports free opportunities for children and adults to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of Lancaster County parks, trails, and nature preserves. Locations of these outdoor places are divided into 5 areas: Central, Southern, Eastern, Northern, and Western areas of the County.

The Summer Fitness Quest in 5 Easy Steps

    1. Get a Summer Fitness Quest Booklet. (Booklets are available until supplies last.)
    2. Visit at least 5 locations listed in the Booklet. Any combination of parks, trails, or nature preserves.
    3. At each location, take 30 minutes to explore, try one of the physical yoga exercises that are suggested in the Booklet.
    4. Fill out the last page of the Booklet, and turn that into the Library, or the Bookmobile to receive a prize. (Prizes are available until supplies last.)
    5. Visit at least 10 parks, trails or preserves (any combination of) and child’s name entered into a drawing. Details within the Booklet.


Jan Betty, Youth Librarian at Milanof-Schock Library, displays Summer Fitness Quest materials for 5-9 year olds!
Jan Betty, Youth Librarian at Milanof-Schock Library, displays Summer Fitness Quest materials!

Our partner, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health has suggested “standing” or “sitting” yoga exercises that one is encouraged to try and do. Yoga is an exercise that works the whole body. The poses encourage strength and balance in our physical and mental health. Breathe deeply and center your thoughts on how your body feels while in the pose.

Our partner, Giant Food Stores’ Nutritionist offers tips and snack ideas to conquer your fitness quest! When exploring Lancaster County, it’s important to choose food and beverage options that fuel your body and performance all summer long. Fruits and vegetables are an easy portable option that provide the vitamins, minerals, and hydration needed to keep you full, focused and fueled.

Booklet features STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities, a “Did You Know” fun fact, areas for a youth participant to draw or write about their outdoor experience, addresses and directions for the listed parks, trails, and preserves, and a form to complete and turn in to a local public library or the bookmobile.

Summer Fitness Quest Booklets will be available at the 17 Local Public Libraries of Lancaster County, the Library System’s Bookmobile, and BeREADy Rover early literacy van. The following will have a limited supply of booklets: Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s Community & Health Wellness Center, Shuts Environmental Library, Lancaster Recreation Commission, Lancaster County Conservation District, and Lancaster County Conservancy.

New Nature Explorer Bags! Borrow one from your local public library or the bookmobile. Take it with you on your outdoor jaunt! Use the bug jar to collect a beetle, examine a flower with the magnifying glass, or use the compass to learn direction. Expand your environmental awareness, and enjoyment.


Nature Explorer Bag for Summer Fitness Quest Initiative
Nature Explorer Bag for Summer Fitness Quest

Reading is a healthy exercise too—check your local library or bookmobile for these books and more!

Partners in the program include Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, Giant Food Stores, Lancaster County Conservation District, Lancaster County Conservancy, and Lancaster Recreation Commission.

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