Based upon the Pennsylvania Library Statute 24 PA, public libraries in Pennsylvania are locally governed, including those that are members of federated library systems. While member libraries may share resources and some system-wide policies, they remain independent and have the authority to make their own decisions regarding local library policies and programs. Subsequently, the Library System of Lancaster County has no standing, power, or responsibility to control programming decisions of member libraries within the library system. We have no role or legal authority in determining or approving the content of library events; those decisions are in the hands of the local library boards and are governed by the policies set within their own communities. The Library System, overseen by a board of local library officials, provides support services to member libraries. [Adopted by LSLC Board of Directors on March 20, 2024]

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Library System of Lancaster County
1866 Colonial Village Lane, Suite 107
Lancaster, PA 17601


Matthew Eberts, President
Dale Hamby, Vice President
Marianne Clay Strittmatter, Secretary
Theia Hoffstetter
Tess Wallace
Andrew Welk

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