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Library Notices in your Email

If you have an e-mail address in your patron record, you can receive your library notices on your home or office PC. To start receiving e-Notices, click on the link to MY ACCOUNT. There you will find a button named Modify Personal Info. Enter your e-mail address there. You will then start receiving the following library notices by e-mail.

Hold Pickup Notices

Now Available! Hold Pickup Notices are now sent out by e-mail to let you know your E-Reserve requests are ready to be picked up. If you do not have an e-mail address in your account, the Pickup Location will notify you by phone. Make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date, or add your e-mail address to your record, by going to MY ACCOUNT. Click on the Modify Personal Info button and sign up today!

Courtesy Notices

Notice at 2 days before due date

This library notice informs you that something that you have checked out is about to become due. You will receive your courtesy notice 2 days before the due date of any checked out item. Please note that Courtesy Notices are only sent out to patron’s with e-mail addresses in their record. Printed courtesy notices are not sent out. Please note: Failure to receive an e-mail reminder of the due date does not waive the Libraries’ right to apply fines.

Overdue Notices

First Notice at 2 Weeks

The first overdue notice will be sent to your e-mail address when the item is 2 weeks overdue. The notice will include a list of overdue materials. If overdue materials are renewed by telephone or online through MY ACCOUNT, you will be charged overdue fees for the time the item was overdue.

Second Notice: Bill for replacement at 4 weeks

A second PRINTED notice will be sent when the item is 4 weeks overdue. Please note: The second notice is not sent by e-mail. This is a bill for the replacement of the books. If the billed items are found, you need only pay the overdue fines.

NOTE: Your e-mail service may regard your library notifications as “spam”. If you feel that you should have received notices and have not, the settings in your Mail Options may need adjustment. Please note: Failure to receive an e-mail reminder of the due date does not waive the Libraries’ right to apply fines.

My Reading History creates a list of the material you’ve previously checked out from the Library for your personal reference. This can be turned on or off by you.

Once you have activated My Reading History, you will maintain and have access to all of the titles which you check out. This feature is not retroactive. Only items checked out after you turn it on will be listed. Titles can only be deleted by you. You can select individual items and delete them from your history, or you can delete all of the records. If your account becomes inactive or you move out of our service area, your reading history remains in our system unless you delete it.

It is not the intent of the Library to monitor your reading history.

Certain provisions of the USA Patriot Act could require the Library to provide information about your library activities to law enforcement officials if and when they present proper legal documentation.