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Bookmobile Supporters Club

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Over the years, we’ve served many of you, or perhaps a loved one living in retirement facility.  We’ve watched children grow up in front of our eyes, become adults and bring their own families to the bookmobile. We’ve been fortunate to get to know people from all of the county as friends and neighbors.

Why are we establishing the Bookmobile Supporters Group now? Quite simply, because we need your support to continue offering our service.  We now have a NEW Bookmobile that was made possible by the generosity of people in our community…thank you!

As we began the process of raising money, we learned quickly that many people want to support us, but feel that their $5 or $10 donations don’t go very far. Nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, small donations have been a crucial signal to us that people value our service. It also tells us that we have to be more proactive in letting you know just how important your donations, small or large, will be to helping us to provide bookmobile service in to the future.  We are committed to keeping our “Books on the Go” … so your support is very important and appreciated!!

To that end, we are making it easy for you to become a bookmobile supporter through regular small donations charged to your credit card by signing up at our donations web page at the level your budget can sustain.



Or if you would like to make a one time donation click the button bellow:

LevelMonthly Donation
$5 per month
Book Lover
$10 per month
Book Connoisseur
$20 per month
Honorary Bookmobile Driver
$25 per month