Jeopardy Champion Brad Rutter funds new eResource Brainfuse!

We are excited to announce the release of brand new resources BrainFuse JobNow and Brainfuse HelpNow.  Brainfuse is an award winning service, building career and academic skills through tutoring/coaching, interactive lessons, providing collaborative space and other means.

Photo of Brad Rutter, All-Time Jeopardy Champion

This was made possible in part through generous donations from Lancaster’s own Jeopardy Champion – Brad Rutter. Rutter has been contributing funds for the past nine years through his Lancaster County Community Foundation donor-advised fund to benefit the Public Libraries in Lancaster County.

To learn more about what BrainFuse has to offer see the links below.

BrainFuse JobNow:

Click here to learn more about JobNow

Click here to access JobNow

BrainFuse HelpNow:

Click here to learn more about HelpNow

Click here to access HelpNow