Keville Bowen

Title of Program: Comic Drawing and Animation Workshops

Description: Keville Bowen shares a variety of workshops throughout the Lancaster Library system. Those include Intro to Character Design where we learn to draw faces and bodies. LEGO Stop Motion explores animation and introduces the basics in a fun and easy way. Comic Book Storytelling helps quickly outline stories for any genre. Anime Design studies character drawing form manga and anime.

Presenter Bio: Keville Bowen is a long time graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia with his BS in Media Arts and Animation. For the last 10+ years, he’s used his academic and personal studies to share his tips to kids and teens the library systems of Delaware, Montgomery, and Lancaster counties. You can also find him holding weekly workshops at Rockdale Art Center and The Creative Living Room.


Thursday July 111:00 pmQuarryville Library
Thursday July 114:00 pmIntercourse Library
Thursday June 291:00 pm Lancaster Public Library

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