Library Service Award Winner of the Week ~ Sharon Roberts


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Sharon Roberts - Library Service Award Winner from Milanof-Schock Library (Mount Joy)

Sharon Roberts has been a volunteer for the Mount Joy Public Library and the Milanof-Schock Library. There are not many people who can say that. When asked when she started volunteering for the library she says she doesn’t know – about 30 years ago (She told me that 3 years ago).   Sharon has managed our financial life for a very long time. Board and staff often wonder, “What would we do without Sharon?”  

  • We would not get bills paid.
  • We would have no corporate memory. She has outlasted at least 7 executive directors.
  • We would struggle to put a budget together.
  • We would have to spend precious time going to banks & verifying deposits.
  • We would complain even more vigorously about the state report.
  • And we would not get paid.

Annually Sharon puts in hundreds of unpaid, unsung hours to serve her community through Milanof-Schock Library. Needless to say Sharon is very popular with all of us! For more than 30 years, she has volunteered her time to maintain our financial integrity, create our budgets, establish and maintain reports, pay our bills, meet payroll, and ensure our financial records are clean and orderly. She was the Library Building Committee Treasurer during the MSL fundraising years and the Auditors, Treasurers, and staff members alike LOVE kind, unflappable Sharon.

To double our indebtedness, Sharon does her work with us to honor someone special – her remarkable husband Jim and his mother, Sarah “Sally” Roberts, who was our true founding Mother. Sally Roberts was the Girl Scout leader whose troop brought the bookmobile to Mount Joy and ultimately formed the original Library Board that created the Mount Joy Public Library in 1964.

This year, during the 20th anniversary year of Milanof-Schock Library, it is a deep privilege for me to honor and recognize the invaluable contribution Sharon Roberts and her family have made to the Library during the past 55+ years.

Barbara Basile
Director, Milanof-Schock Library