Library Service Award Winners of the Week: Ron Althoff and Dennis Blevins

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The Quarryville Library is recognizing two members of the Board of Trustees as recipients of the Library Service Award because of their crucial roles that each of them played during their six-year commitment to the library. Both honorees are going off the Board this year.

Ron Althoff, Quarryville Library Service Award HonoreeRon Althoff
Ron serves as the Chairperson of the Property Committee. His role is crucial to the daily operations of the library. Having limited knowledge of buildings and maintenance, I have relied heavily on Ron and his knowledge to help me better understand these issues and make more informed decisions. His commitment is relentless, giving of his time, talent and support. Ron is always willing to help the library in any way, as demonstrated by the time he has devoted to addressing building issues. During his last year, he also served as Library Auction Chair. Once again, the time he has given and the dedication he demonstrates are evidence as to the reason for being recognized for this award.



Dennis Blevins, Quarryville Library Service Award HonoreeDennis Blevins

Dennis serves as the Chairperson of the Finance and Personnel Committees. As I am new to library finances,
he has been patiently helping me understand the financial aspects and needs of the library. He is at the library every week devoting his time to ensure that all financial matters are handled. From the time I was hired, his knowledge of the library finances was evident. I could always trust that he was managing the finances in an efficient manner that was in the best interest of the library, staff, patrons and the community. The time, dedication, knowledge and support he has given is a testament to his strong awareness of the importance of libraries and evidence as to the reason for being recognized for this award.


I am thankful to have served with these two men who have such an amazing giving nature and are extreme supporters of the library. Because of the crucial roles and knowledge of both of these Members, I have been in regular contact, always asking questions. I have greatly appreciated their patience, time and dedication. Both of our Award recipients will be extremely missed!

Sylvia Drennen
Director, Quarryville Library