One Book Every Child


Pennsylvania One Book, Every Young Child

“One Book, Every Young Child” is Pennsylvania’s first collaborative project highlighting the importance of early literacy development in preschoolers. The participating agencies share a mission to foster early childhood literacy and show preschoolers how much fun reading can be. The early learning initiative brings attention to the ways that children develop six early literacy skill and what parents and educators may do to encourage children’s acquisition of the skills.

Libraries will have multiple copies of the book for check out. And of special interest to our partners in early childhood education, there is an activity-filled Traveling Trunk which they may borrow from their local public library!  Please contact your local public library or the bookmobile to learn more or reserve use of the Traveling Trunk.

This Year’s Winner!

 picture of squirrel with camera around neck - cover image for "my cousin Momo"
Momo is coming to visit, and his cousins are SO excited! But even though Momo is a flying squirrel, he won’t fly for his cousins’ forest friends. Momo doesn’t seem to know how to play the usual games, and would rather take pictures with his camera and observe nature.Then Momo’s cousins take their parents’ advice and follow Momo’s lead, they realize that doing things differently can be fun.



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