Sharon Sudbrack ~ Pequea Valley Public Library ~ Library Service Award Honoree

Pequea Valley Public Library logoSharon Sudbrack, Library Service Honoree

Sharon Sudbrack

Sharon’s last day at PVPL was over two weeks ago, but we still have children coming in asking for “Miss Sharon”.  This is all the testimony needed to prove how beloved she was here. She came to us 12 years
ago starting out at the old schoolhouse and moving along with us to
our current location, where she became a fixture in the children’s room (now, officially, “Miss Sharon’s Room”).

Who knows how many story hours, children’s programs and summer reading programs she dedicated herself to hosting over the years?   Not to mention how many items she ordered and processed—and repaired—to keep our shelves filled with materials, to bring children  back turning many into life-long library patrons.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention how Sharon made this a “family affair”, often here after hours with her husband, Cecil, and either one or both of her sons, Jonathon and Andrew.  They helped to set up for programs, design flyers and even mowed the lawn.

We miss Sharon and can’t wait to hear news of the travelling adventures she plans to make part of her retirement.

Catherine O’Sullivan
Director, Pequea Valley Public Library