Story Line

Words Once Upon A Time Above a little girl on a telephone imagining castle scenery

What is the Story Line?

The Story Line is a telephone line that the Library System of Lancaster County provides, which is filled with audio-stories for children.

How can I Access It?

  1.  Call the Library System of Lancaster County phone line 717-207-0500
  2. Dial option 3
  3. Dial option 1 for  English stories or 2 for Spanish stories
  4. Dial a month 1-12 you would like to listen to, (the months each contains four or five different stories) or Dial  13 for holiday stories b .
  5. Listen to the stories listed to you and dial the story you would like to hear.

List of Stories

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Sep Oct Nov Dec

Holdays Spanish


  1. Billy Goats Gruff
  2. Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter
  3. Johnny-Cake
  4. The North Wind and the Sun


  1. Jack and the Beanstalk
  2. The Cat and the Parrot
  3. The Caterpillar and the Wild Animals
  4. George Washington and the Colt


  1. Why Foxy Fox Has a Fancy Tail
  2. The Story of the Three Bears
  3. Henny Penny
  4. The Shepherd’s Boy and the Wolf


  1. The Princess and the Pea
  2. From Stevenson’s Garden
  3. The Ugly Duckling
  4. The Caterpillar’s Surprise


  1. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  2. The Race of the Tails
  3. The Buckwheat
  4. The Ants and the Grasshopper


  1. The Unhappy Chickens
  2. Why the Sea is Salty
  3. The Two Frogs
  4. The Little Hero


  1. The Hare and the Tortoise
  2. Five Peas in the Pod
  3. The Farmer Who Found Happiness
  4. The Crow and the Pitcher


  1. Tom Tit Tot
  2. The Fox and the Rooster
  3. The Pancake
  4. The Queen Bee


  1. The Three Little Pigs
  2. The Stars in the Sky
  3. Stone Soup
  4. The Rat Princess


  1. Little Red Riding-Hood
  2. Puss in Boots
  3. The Frog Prince
  4. Fire-Bringer


  1. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  2. Old Man Rabbit’s Thanksgiving Dinner
  3. The Golden Touch
  4. The Brave Tin Soldier
  5. Sleeping Beauty


  1. Thumbelina
  2. The Fox and the Grapes
  3. The Honest Lumberjack
  4. Rapunzel


  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Groundhog Day
  3. Lincoln’s Birthday
  4. Valentine’s Day
  5. George Washington and the Cherry Tree
  6. Independence Day
  7. Columbus Day
  8. Halloween
  9. Thanksgiving
  10. Hanukkah
  11. The Night Before Christmas
  12. The Elves and the Shoemaker
  13. The Golden Cobwebs
  14. The Visit to Santa Claus Land
  15. Snowball’s Christmas Eve


  1. El Nino Melocoton.
  2. El Principe Rana.
  3. El Zorro Y El Quiquincho.
  4. El Hada.
  5.  Al Anciana Y La Nina.
  6. La Caperucita Roja.
  7. La Gallina Colorada.
  8. La Lachera.
  9. La Leona Y La Osa.
  10. La Liebra Y La Tortuga.
  11.  La Princessa Y Los Guisantes.
  12. La Vendedora De Fosos.
  13. Las Tres Gotas De Agua.
  14.  Los Hermanos Desunidos.
  15. Los Tres Creditos.
  16.  Los Tres Chivos Rudos.
  17. Peter Pan.
  18. Pollito Pito.
  19. Ricitos De Oro Y Los Tres Osos.
  20. Salomon U Azrael.
  21. Abuelita.
  22. Ariel Y La Lluvia.