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What is TumbleBooks?

The TumbleBook Library is a fun and interactive library of animated, talking story books for preschoolers, beginner readers and older independent readers too.  Read along and listen, or read on your own.  TumbleBooks are created by taking existing story books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic (e-book) story book making them come to life!  TumbleBooks will help teach kids the joy of reading in a format they’ll love!


How Can I access the TumbleBook Library?

To access the TumbleBook Library click on the picture below.
You will be redirected to another web page, where you will need to enter your Library Card number.
Once you enter that you will be able to  access the TumbleBook Library

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Explore TumbleBook Library!

Here are some of the exciting things that you will find in the TumbleBook Library:

  • Story Books – entertaining and amusing picture story books to listen to, or read on your own.
  • Tumble Readers – large print “Read-On-Your-Own” story, chapter and teen books.
  • Life Learning – books that teach kids about important social and health issues in a fun, educational manner.
  • Puzzles & Games – jigsaw puzzles, word fun, memory games and more to play after reading a book!
  • Language Learning – read a growing collection of Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese original story books, or translations of English story books.
  • Audio Books – listen to tales of Aesop’s, fairy tales, and classics such as Black Beauty, Winnie-the-Pooh, more.
  • Index – A-Z listing of the all story books in the TumbleBook Library.


TumbleBook Library Reading Tips:

  • Select a Story Book.
  • Click on “View Online” button.
  • When the TumbleBook has downloaded, choose either
    • Automatic mode –the story book is narrated and the pages will turn by themselves.
    • Manual mode –the story book narration is turned off so you read the story book at your own pace, and you get to turn the pages.
  • The Pause Button will stop the story at any time. A reader may practice narrative skills, letter knowledge, interpret illustrations, learn new vocabulary words, and more.
  • TumblePad Word Helper allows a reader to click on a sentence in a story book to hear the sentence repeated, or click on a vocabulary word to hear the word sounded out.


This program is EITC approved.

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