Turtle Dance Music presents, The Music, Bubble and Comedy Show!

Flap your wings, jump up and down like five little monkeys jumping on the bed and roar like a polar bear! This performance celebrates famous children’s stories and songs about animals including a few written by adults on the autism spectrum! The show will also celebrate biodiversity – the more wild our planet is the healthier it is! Kids will dance, sing, laugh, use their imaginations and connect with new friends. The show is crafted to be inclusive for all children, including children on the Autism Spectrum, and a great time for parents and caregivers! Each song in the 40-minute show is accompanied by hands-on, visual, and sensory experiences designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.

About the Presenter

Turtle Dance Music is a children’s music company dedicated to furthering child development through arts-integration, music, and educational entertainment. We spark children’s curiosity and imaginations through interactive, inclusive musical performances that use a wide range of instruments, comedy and music technology. Our 40-minute long sensory-friendly performances are geared for Pre-K, grades K-5 and students on the Autism Spectrum. Our performances are also accessible to parents, teachers and librarians who want to have a great time with their kids and laugh a lot! Turtle Dance Music believes that your kids are capable of doing extraordinary things. We Help Kids Come Out Of Their Shells!

For more information visit http://www.turtledancemusic.com/ .

 The Music, Bubble and Comedy Show! Schedule

6/8/202110:30amStrasburg-Heisler LibraryOnsite
6/8/20211:30pmMoores Memorial Library, ChristianaOnsite
6/8/20215:00pm-6:00pmPequea Valley Public LibraryVirtual/Recorded
6/9/202110:30amManheim Township Public LibraryOnsite
6/9/20211:30pmEastern Lancaster County Public LibraryOnsite
6/9/20216:30pmManheim Community LibraryOnsite
6/10/202110:00amColumbia Public LibraryOnsite
6/10/20211:00pmMilanof-Schock LibraryOnsite
6/10/20214:00pmElizabethtown Public LibraryOnsite
7/6/202110:30amAdamstown LibraryOnsite
7/6/20211:30pmEphrata Public LibraryVirtual
7/6/20216:30pmLititz Public LibraryOnsite
7/7/202110:30amQuarryville LibraryOnsite
7/7/20211:30pmLancaster Public Library- MountvilleOnsite
7/7/20216:30pmLancaster Public LibraryOnsite


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