Ukuleles are now ready for check-out at your public library!

MFE_logo (1)Good News!  Ukuleles are now available for lending at the public libraries in Lancaster County!  The libraries also have extended learning resource materials such as, ukulele “how-to-play” books, DVD’s and songbooks for lending to the public.   The addition of the special Ukulele Lending at our public libraries was made possible by grant funds from Music for Everyone.

The ukulele is a great tool to spark creativity and is easy to learn how to play. Having access to borrow the Ukuleles will give children and adults alike hands-on opportunities to practice positive self-expression and have fun.  Research shows that when a child plays a musical instrument their brain has an improved ability to process language and speech sounds. Academically, this phonological awareness makes them better readers and learners.  The benefits for adults are also impressive—studies at Northwestern University found that musical training can benefit adults by offsetting some of the effects of aging by improving brain activity.  Awareness about music and the important role that music has in people’s lives is an important goal of Music for Everyone—it’s also a goal that public libraries can support by promoting this new service.

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