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Bookmobile 75th Anniversary LogoExtraGive ~ November 16, 2018

Dear Friends,

With the ExtraGive just days away, I am reminded again of how important your support for our program is each year.  I am also reminded how important our program is to the people we serve.  Just this morning, we provided books and early literacy story times to 2 Head Start Classes. Then, we also worked with a family living across the country to make sure their beloved mother living in a local assisted living facility had access to books and reading material.   And, just now, while eating my lunch I tracked down a DVD from 1951 for an activity director and struggled to change a broken string on a the ukulele that we lend out to budding musicians, and the day is only half over!

All of this effort has added up to a banner year for the Bookmobile! In April we launched our new vehicle, the Possibility Machine.  Since then our program has grown to accommodate the demand from around the county for Bookmobile service.  We have added 8 new stops for Seniors, several new Amish schools and 8 new Head Start locations bringing our total number of stops each month to 65 with more added to our waiting list. Puppet Show for young bookmobile users
I am excited about our new initiative with our partner, CAP Head Start, to promote early STEM in pre-school classes all around the county. Through the Bookmobile, Head Start teachers will be able to access STEM kits that perfectly coincide with Head Start’s  curriculum.  Each kit will include the books, toys, and supplies that the teachers need to present a STEM lesson. It is amazing to watch the children as they encounter science and technology in ways that engage them!

In advance, thank you so much for your support on November 16 at:

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Ed Miller
Bookmobile Manager