Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Policy

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  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a method of resource sharing between library systems/districts within the U.S. In the Lancaster Library District, the ILL Department will only lend or borrow print materials, microfilm, or copies of materials abiding by copyright restrictions. 
  • Resource sharing among libraries in Pennsylvania is in the public’s interest and should be encouraged. Interlibrary loan is a privilege and should serve as an adjunct to, not as a substitute for, collection development. 
  • Member libraries should take reasonable steps to provide access with their own resources and submit ILL requests in good faith, according to state ILL guidelines. 

 Patron eligibility for ILL 

  • Must have an active Library System of Lancaster County (LSLC) library card in good standing (no fines, no blocks, unexpired) or have a library card from within Pennsylvania with an ACCESS PA symbol on it. 
  • Holders of Temporary Cards, Welcome Cards, Internet Use Only Cards, Non-Resident Cards, etc. are not eligible. 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.   
  • Must have an active telephone number or email address in their patron record. 

 Items eligible for ILL 

  • Print books, except as noted below 
  • Journal articles. 
  • Microfilm 

Items ineligible for ILL or unlikely to be fulfilled 

  • eBooks and digital audiobooks 
  • AV materials – DVDs, CDs, Audiobooks, etc. 
  • Newly published titles (less than 1 year from date of publication) 

Some items, while eligible may not be fulfilled, such as: 

  • Textbooks  
  • Rare items or items in special collections 
  • Specific editions of titles may not be available 


  • Every effort will be made to obtain requested items at no cost. If the lending library charges fees, those will be passed on to the patron. The ILL Clerk will confirm this with the patron prior to finalizing the request. 
  • Patrons may obtain up to 40 ILL items in a calendar year. 
  • Overdue fees are $1 per day, with no limit. 
  • Lost or damaged ILL materials will result in a nonrefundable fee of $25, plus any accrued fines, plus the cost to replace the item, and any other fees incurred by the lending library. After 3 weeks past the due date, a non-returned item will be considered lost.    
  • A patron will lose all library privileges until the item is returned and/or all fines, fees and replacement costs are paid for in full.  

 Loss of ILL privileges 

  • Placing ILL requests and not picking them up by the ILL Due Date on two occasions will result in a temporary suspension of ILL privileges for 3 months. Following the first “non-pickup” patrons will be warned. Following the second “non-pick-up” they will lose ILL privileges for 3 months OR the patron can choose to pay a fee of $10.00 to reinstate their privileges.  Continued misuse of the ILL system may result in the permanent suspension of ILL borrowing privileges.  Warnings will be issued by the district.  
  • The loss or destruction of an ILL item may result in permanent suspension of ILL borrowing privileges. 

 Process for submitting an ILL request 

  • ILL requests may be made online via a webform, or in person at any public library in Lancaster County. 
  • The patron must agree to the terms of service prior to placement of the request.  
  • The patron must provide a valid name, library barcode number, telephone number or email address and pickup library. The patron must also supply enough relevant item information to identify the correct item. 
  • ILL requests usually take between 2 and 8 weeks to arrive from the date of submission but may take longer. The ILL Clerk is unable to estimate when an item will arrive and is never able to guarantee when an item will arrive. 
  • The lending library determines the conditions of their approval of the ILL request and may deny the request for any reason. The lending library sets the due date for their item and the ILL Librarian is unable to alter it. ILL items are not generally renewable. 
  • Patrons and library staff must abide by all copyright laws as they relate to ILL requests. 

If you would like some assistance with ILL, please send an email to or call 717-207-0500 ext 1223.

 Lasted updated 10/12/2021