Jesse Rothacker is back with Biome Builders!

Button: Forgotten FriendsJesse Rothacker, founder of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary, will present a special program entitled, Biome Builders that is based on this year’s Summer Reading theme Build a Better World!

Jesse’s programs will begin on July 6 and will run until August 3.

Forgotten Reptiles

“Biome Builders” is an interactive animal show featuring Jesse Rothacker and his lovable lizards, turtles, alligators, and snakes. A biome is a large area of the earth that is home to many plants and animals. Children at this show will discover how each animal is equipped to build a better world within their biome. Then he will empower every child in the audience to use their own talents and abilities to build a better world within their homes, schools, and communities, and to unleash their abilities through the power of reading!

Biome Builders Library Program Schedule

This program is designed for children ages 5 and up (K-6th grade).  Younger children who attend must remain with an adult caregiver at all times.

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