Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation SRP 2017 Programs @ Member Libraries

The Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation will offer programming at public libraries that relates to this year’s Summer Reading Program theme: Building A Better World.  

See listings below for program descriptions.

Building A Better World Program Schedules

Alternative Energy: Catch the Wind

As long as the sun shines, there’ll be winds on earth. We will never run out of wind energy. Windmills, wind turbines and wind farms are examples of harnessing this clean, renewable source of energy. Learn the basics of wind energy, including how it works, measuring speeds and how to create your own wind “machines” from household items.  Participants will experiment with “catching the wind” by making and testing their own pinwheels. Teens and Tweens will be challenged with age-appropriate experiments.

Alternative Energy: Hydro Cars

Let’s build and see how a hydro car works. We will take a look at fossil fuels and the pollution created by our everyday vehicles. We will learn about other fuel options and put together and run a small hydro car. Participants will work in pairs and 8 & 9 year olds may need adult help.

Animal Architecture

In nature we are surrounded by structures built by animals. Some include insect homes, burrows created by mammals and bird nests. These structures often incorporate specialized features to help the animals survive in its home. Join one of our Naturalists as we explore that the animals are building.

Build a Better Environment with the 3 R’s: Recycled Craft Fun

Who knows what the “Three Rs” stand for……come and learn!  Learn what happens to your trash when you throw it away and how we can make a better world by using the “Three Rs” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – when it comes to everyday garbage.  We will have races with trash and you will make a fun toy using household recyclables.

Building a Better…Catapult!

Library Tweens and Teens will have a great time exploring the scientific method. After a brief introduction to relevant principles of physics, participants will design, test, revise and retest catapults as they work to fling a marshmallow the farthest.

Building with the 3 Little Pigs

Who doesn’t like the 3 Little Pigs? We are adapting this familiar story and experimenting with different materials to see whether or not we actually agree with the story. Naturalists will assist as library youth build “houses” of straws, pencils and tiles and attempt to blow them down.

The Lorax

Come share the wonderful lyrical story of the Lorax.  Dig into what Dr. Suess was trying to teach with this amazingly creative and meaningful story.  Together we will hang thneeds in a Truffula Tree and talk about what we can do about pollution.  Each participant will create their own Lorax or the Oncelor paper bag puppet.

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